Integration Field - Cannot Save Shopify Settings

Hi! For some reason, the "password" field in the "Shopify Settings" page of the Integration Fields area is returning an error saying it is blank/null, even though there is 100% a password in the field. I tested by manually setting the input field's value and also manually sending a request to your graphql API. It looks like the field label you're using on the form and the label in your API does not match.

Can you please fix this for us? I am trying to test Prismic as it's our top choice but we need the Shopify connection to work before we can migrate over 70 client websites over to this CMS.

Hello Tracy, thanks for reaching out

I did a test on my side, and it's working for me. Could you please provide me with the following details? That way, I can check if it's something related to your repo.

  • Browse you're using
  • URL of your repository (in a dm if you prefer)
  • Any errors that appear in the repo UI or/and console

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