Integration Field with Slice Machine

Hi @Priyanka

I'm having issues with this as well. I'm using the latest version of slice-machine and can't get a shopify integration field to work. I added the field in index.json like beamer shared above, I see the integration field as an option, but none of the products are loaded when I try to use it.
I added this:

    "items": {
      "product": {
        "type": "IntegrationFields",
        "config": {
          "catalog": "shopify--products",
          "label": "Shopify"

where shopify--products is the name of the catalog.
Do you have any suggestions?

Hello @zvitez

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Your catalog name should look like this: "catalog": "my-repository--your_store," For example, if your repository is called lorem and your Integration catalog is called my store, the value will be: "catalog": "lorem--my_store." Please follow this guide: Integration Fields with Slice Machine

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Amazing, thank you @Priyanka !