Integration fields - access token


I have a query regarding the integration fields using a custom API, and in particular, the access token.

I'm reading Set up Integration Fields - Prismic. On the previous version of that page at Set up Integration Fields - Prismic it used to say something like:

The token will be used as the ‘username’ for the Basic Auth flow. The password will be left blank.

Could you please confirm if that is still the case? I think that page should be updated with more information about exactly how the access token works.


Hi @scott3 ,

Thanks for posting this question :slight_smile:

There is no password field. Maybe there used to be one.

The Custom "Pull" Integration Field include a Basic Auth header, but it doesn't require a username/password pair. It just requires an Access Token, which will be base64 Encoded.

I will definitely update the page with more information. But, before I do, does this answer your question?