Pulling Product data from bigcommerce product API

Hello All, I am trying out prismic with Bigcommerce. I want to keep all my static data into prismic including Product images and text. I was thinking to use the integration field for pulling data. But whenever I am adding endpoint and token it's returning unauthorized while syncing. Does prismic support pull data from BigCommerce, Also I have noticed that the response format is not the same from BC as expected in Prismic?

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Prismic doesn’t yet have built in integration for Bigcommerce, how are you managing it right now, can you show me a screenshot of the error as well?

What you could do is use Integration fields and migrate to Shopify

My client doesn't want to go with Shopify. they only want to use Bigcommerce. I am trying to use the integration field feature from bigcommerce but it's showing an unauthorized error(attached screenshot)

I am able to use the same token from BC sandbox for fetching all product data.

I see, maybe there's an error with the format of the Integration. Are you still having this issue? If you are, you can send the following information via dm so that I can do a check on my side:

  1. URL of your repository
  2. URL of the Custom integration with Bigcommerce


Update: When getting this type of error you should check that the authentication access token is a basic one. This token will be used as the 'username' for the Basic Auth flow.

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