Pagination issue with Integration Fields

We are using the pull setup for Integrations Field to pull in data from Bigcommerce, but there is limit of 50 items. Docs say to use pagination. We have our endpoints with pagination working correctly, but the 'integration fields' inside the editor only show the first page and does not show any pagination.

Do we need to make separate endpoints for each page?? Or do we need to changer our url to pass a dynamic parameter so Prismic knows it needs to paginate the results and further pull the additional pages?

Thank you

Hello Jull,

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The results array can have a maximum of 50 items. If your API contains more than 50 items, then you will need to set up pagination.

The page number for the API must be passed as a parameter in the URL as shown here.


The first page of results will be ?page=1 and so on.

Give this a try and let me know.



Yes, I understand that and we have setup pagination correctly.

I don't think we are talking about the same issue. I'm referring to the data shown in the front end UI inside Prismic's editor. When you create a new document and choose an 'Integration' field setup under settings, it does not show the paginated data. It shows a limited amount of items on the sidebar. We have a large catalog and it is missing a lot of data. Will the fuzzy search pull all the data? Seems very limited.

Ok, I'm going to be more explicit.

The UI only pulls 20 items, but even if you look for the data pass the 50 items it does not contain the data.
You can see in our endpoint we have properly setup the API pagination:

However, when creating a new document and selecting the Integrated fields neither the fuzzy search or the sidebar display any data pass page 1.

Hello @jull

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. At the moment you need to use the search to find the item you’re looking for. There is no pagination setup in the Prismic editor. But I understand having pagination will be helpful. So I am adding this to our feature request tracker as a possible improvement for the future.



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