Write API - query catalog

Hi has anyone found a way to query the write API's catalog / Integrated fields

ie: I have 30 or so products which I can apply to a custom type page but I would like to show all products on a single page(s) as an overvew without having to manually add them to a page.


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Hi @rob1,

Thanks for reaching out.

Currently, it is impossible to select multiple items from an Integration Field catalog, and I'm not sure if there is a way to do this except by adding items manually to a page or you can query your Products API directly.

Actually for this to qualify to be a feature request we need to understand your use-case, and it will be helpful for if you can tell us what is the added value to use Integration Fields to list all items in a catalog instead of consuming the API directly.


So today:

I can push my catalog to prismic and I can choose those products to be on prismic pages as content.

What I want o be able to do is search the catalog prismic side so I can create index or category pages.

Essentilay create a filtered view of the catalaog without manually buildng multiple custom-type pages with a single catalog item

Ideallly I could dynamically search the ‘blob’ element of a catalog item or an uploaded group of catalog items.

My work around right now is uploading the catalog to one prismic entry and working it out form there SEO wise - that hurts


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Hi @rob1,

Thanks for this explanation.

So to create a filtered view of the catalog, you can use Prismic Integration fields to list the product categories so that Content Editors can select the filters they want to apply to the whole list of products data coming from the e-commerce platform.
to do so:

  1. create integration fields to add product categories from Shopify (or other) to Prismic
  2. Create a Prismic category page with this integration field
  3. Your app will query the e-commerce platform using the filter selected in the Prismic category page

Please let us know if that helps