Integration Fields and Data Updates During Sync

TL:DR; What would happen if we set last_updated time to 0?

  • Integration fields data is missing in the Prismic UI.
  • The entries on our endpoint changes every 5-15 minutes.
  • Sorting our endpoint on last_updated will make entries change pagination page every second.

We believe that data is missing due to entries moving around during the sync. Would you agree?

Long term, we could make the endpoint update less frequently or start pushing data, but we need a short-term solution.

What would happen if we set last_updated time to 0 and sorted on a stable value instead?

Hello @jan.griffioen-jarfal

Thanks for reaching out to us.

If a change is made in your external API, Prismic will automatically update the data to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date content. The content refresh happens every 30 minutes.

The last_update field sorts the results array. This field is the timestamp of the last update for an item, sorted from newest to oldest.

Are you updating your Integration field endpoint?


Prismic is not updated with the most up-to-date content. Entries are missing after sync.

We are currently sorting the results array in our endpoint on the last_update field and we believe that is the reason entries are missing after the sync since entries are changing order during the sync.

Yes. We are updating our integration filed endpoint very frequently and we are guessing that is the reason for why entries are missing after the sync.

Will you still hit every page on our endpoint during the sync if we set last_updated time to 0?

Hi @jan.griffioen-jarfal

Prismic takes a bit of time in sync, and once this is done, you need to start another sync activity. That way, the integration data field will constantly be updated according to new data from sync.

Frequently updating data in sync while another sync is already running will create data discrepancies.

For the last_updated time to 0, I am not sure and will connect with my team for that.