Invitation is always pending

Hi there,

I'm trying to invite a new user and despite having created an account and clicked Join Repository she is not seeing the repository in her dashboard and the invitation is still pending.

She is using Chrome and we've tried re-inviting her now she has an account and not had any luck.

Can anyone advise please?

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I'm experiencing the same issue this morning.

Hi Mark,

The user should get an email to confirm? didn't she get?
Please refer to this article to learn more.

If that doesn't solve the issue then can you share with us the name of your repository (in a Private message if confidential) so that I will be able to check for you?

Looking forward to your replay,

Hi Fares.

The repository name is techwillsaveus. She did receive the email and clicked "join repository" but the repository isn't joined and the invitation is still pending.

Hi Everyone :wave:,

We believe we know what the issue is and we will get back to you tomorrow once we have more information. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

Same problem in our repository.

Do you have any update about this ?

Hi @pfgope & @ggg,

We are still investigating, can you send me a private message with your repository urls?

You can do this by clicking my profile icon and clicking the message button.


Hi there,

This issue has been fixed, can you confirm please?

This has been fixed for everyone, please try again :slight_smile:

This has been fixed for everyone, please try again :slight_smile:

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