Is the CMS getting redesigned?

The marketing on the main website has "page builder" (which i assume is the current cms), look different than what the actual thing looks like. It looks more modern, less unnecessary padding around everything. Is this a hint at an upcoming redesign? Same with this page Page Builder: Marketing Tool for Creating Pages with Prismic

Hi Ben,

That's right, the new page builder is currently in Alpha; you can join the waiting list to test this on your repo. NOTE: Some features are not yet supported in the new Page Builder, you can see them and sign up here:

Awesome! I just got it on one of our repos.

Is the whole CMS going to be redesigned? Going from the document view (where all posts are listed out in a table) to the page builder feels off.

The new page builder redesign looks awesome btw, great work by the prismic team :+1:

Yes, this full CMS will be redesigned incrementally :slight_smile: