Access to New Page Builder

Hi, I've tried to sign-up to the waitlist for the new page builder ( however I didn't get any confirmation or response that I was added.

How can we get access to the feature, or get updates on the waitlist?


Thanks for signing up for the waitlist for our new page builder feature! The team is working hard to process all the waitlist submissions, and you can expect to hear from the team soon.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Can you confirm that cgc-web is on the waitlist? I didn't get any confirmation on the webpage itself that the sign-up was successful and also had no communications.

@Pau any update on the above question?

Hey Angie, When you sign up for the waitlist, you receive a confirmation on the website right away instead of an email. You should have received an invite to watch our meetup to get updates about the latest releases! Here's the link in case you missed it:

How can i get the access for the new page builder? our SEO team are waiting so much for it!

Hi @telco.pls ,

You can have them message us with your repo URL, and we can sign you up right away.

BUT please be warned the new page builder is in ALPHA. So some features are not yet configured as listed in this link below, and some bugs can be expected.


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hi Phil, thank you for the fast reply.

Thank you for the advice about be in Alpha. These two prismic repositories are of small websites on our company, so we can test the new page builder there without many problems.


These are activated now :slight_smile:

hi Phil,

Can we get the access for the new page builder?
Our team are waiting so much for it!


Done :slight_smile:

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