Is there a way i can create custom locales i prismic like (en-GH, en-NG)

Hi Team,

I just recently started using prismic and i'd successfully integrated with my localized nextjs website (using nexti18n lib) my nextjs already has some locales defined like so (en-US, en-NG, en-GH) for my static pages in the site

Like this : or /gh (page router)

Now im trying to localize the blog using prismic localization feature, i tried to create my own custom locale but i couldn't

BTW another idea i have for doing is making a select field named "Post To" in my blog_post document and select which country or locale i want this to show and then when i'm fetching i can filter the post i want to display based on my nextjs localized site locale

is there any other way i can go about doing this

Is :point_down: what you're looking for?

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i tired doing this, but i didnt get all the country list available

Hi @kehindephilip15 ,

You'll have to use custom locales:

Oh thanks Phil, i tried this yesterday i couldn't get it to work
I just did and it worked fine now

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