Json editor not visible


I need json editor to use some advantage feature for text creation.
In slice machine I can't see it in our interfance like documentation presented in docs.
I'm missing something ?

My goal is to add possibility to centre ou marke text left in the same richtext
Thank you

Hey Ali!

In Slice Machine, the JSON editor is not available in the same way as it was in the legacy builder. If you wish to achieve features like centering or marking text left in a Rich Text field, you can handle this on the front end of your application with CSS.

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Just to chime in: In the documentation for RichText in Prismic it says, in regards to RichText labels: "This is an advanced configuration that can only be set up in the JSON editor."

Should the documentation be updated (and this perhaps removed)? :person_shrugging:

Thanks for your interest in this feature @studio3,

This is still a very requested feature that you can follow here:

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