Libraries-state.json is empty

Hi I have a project that has a bunch of slices.

When I run slicemachine it generates a libraries-state.json file like so:

  "slices": {
    "components": {}

However I have a ton of slices, and they're visible in the prismic UI - but in slicemachine local there's nothing there.

Is there a way to pull this information or have it generated correctly?


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Hello @beamer

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Are all these Slices pushed by Slice Machine to Prismic?


Yes they were all pushed. I ended up compiling a workaround just for time's sake. but is there not a way to "pull" from slicemachine?

Hey @beamer, can you show us a screenshot of the Slices that aren't being pulled?
Maybe you're missing a step, like pushing the Custom Type models to Prismic, if you just added the new Slices.