List of media files with details

I just figured out that I need to replace more or less all images as the naming convention that Prismic uses to store the files is not accepted by Linkedin when used in og:image (upper case and plus sign are not allowed). Obviously, once i reuploaded the images wiht the new filename syntax, I need to re-publish all documents that are using them.

Is there a way to get a full list of all images, their filename and alt text and in which documents they are used?

Hi @peter2

Thanks for reaching out.

I think the way to go is to use the Import/Export feature to export all documents and use a script to extract the images URL that has been used in the docs using a Regular expression

Please let us know if you need any further assistance,

Hi @Fares,

The import/export feature is only available from mid-level price. For what I would need it, it's a too steep price increase. Is there any other solution?


Well, I'm not sure there is another way, but maybe listing all documents from the API can help show the old images to replace?!

@Fares, I wouldn't know which ones are used though.

Can I upgrade my subscription and downgrade after a few days? What impact will this have on the billing?


Just found the answer here: Import then downgrade? - #8

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I looked into import/export and there is no benefit using it in comparison to making standard api calls for this purpose.

Apart from this I also concluded that Prismic currently does not offer any practical way to manage images, being it to identify which images are not used, or used where to be able to replace them. Perhaps something the dev team can take on board in an approach to overall improve the usefulness of the media management tool.

Hi @peter2

Thanks for letting us know; I have created a feature request regarding a way to list used / unused items in the media library, and I have notified our @features-team

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@Fares Is it worth to put a full list of feature requests together? The Media management is just far too basic and doesn't hold up to the Prismic CMS in any way you look at. A lot of people have already raised - probably most of them - but when reading them, they either only touched a topic or it was not raised as a feature request.

Hi @peter2
We have already created feature requests that are classified by feature type, but If you can list the features you think are useful, it would help.

Hi @Fares Is that feature request list public in one place?
On top of my head the features I'm missing are the following:

  • I18N support (there is only a single Alt field which can only single language support)
  • Categorize(ie in Tree structure)/Tag media to be able to manage media properly and search for it by tags or categories. (The flat structure is already cumbersome with less then a 100 medias and search is not sufficient)
  • Ability to change the file name and force a choosen naming convention (it's a simple feature which can avoid lots of troubles with social network tiles.)
  • Used by information/link. This would be quite helpful to see if deleting a media would cause issues as well as when it needs to be replaced, this would allow an admin to fairly quickly replace a media in each doc and republish them.

I had to make use of Postman/Excel's Power Query Editor to get the simplest of management tasks done - identifying which media that uses the old naming convention is used where as well as if there was any doc where the image resolutions changed but the photo wasn't reapplied.

I would probably come up with some more improvements if I sat down, but those are the ones that caused most troubles.


Hi @peter2
Thanks for the extensive explanation and those suggested improvements; that really helps!
I have added those suggestions to the feature request.
FYI @features-team