Login with Github, broken

Hey, whenever I am trying to do anything in Prismic (was fine a few days ago) I have to keep logging in with Github. Every time I change something in a post type and hit save it prompts me to sign back in with github - removing all my changes.

Tried on multiple browsers and computers, looks to be an issue with the auth or cookie token issued.

Can someone please help me resolve as cannot do any work.

Hello @alexrankinpartner,

Sorry for just responding.

Welcome to the community, and thanks for reaching out to us!

Can you try in incognito mode to ensure it's not a browser extension causing a conflict? And also, what browsers did you use to test?


Hi Racheal,

I have tried this in incognito and still managed to get this error.

I have tried Chrome, Safari, and Edge to the same effect (all the latest versions). I think there may be something wrong with my account?

Let me know if you need any other info :slight_smile:

Hello @alexrankinpartner,

My apologies for just responding.

I have forwarded this issue to the dedicated team. I will let you know when I get news from them.


Hello @alexrankinpartner,

Could you share a screen recording so I can reproduce the issue and forward it to the dedicated team?

You can send it via DM if you prefer.