Missing elements in writing room, - missing quote, code and emoji

Hello Prismic, This has been a pressing issue for some time now, it has become even more pressing for me. We are extending our platform and adding various enhancements, such as code highlighting etc.

I find it weird that there is no code, kbd and quote element in the writing room. Here on the prismic community editor, they are provided, but not in the writing room.

Is there any reason for not including code or kbd (for inline code highlight) and quote. These are essential HTML elements and will improve markups for your users.

Please, provide these elements, we are limited, it is not fair.

@Phil, although you linked to an article on how to use labels, which ends up becoming classnames, it does not solve my purpose at all. html code element is never the same as span element. Moreover, that is not maintainable, it is not reusable. I just need basic html elements and not classnames or labels

Hey Harrison,

We discuss how you can add extra formatting options, like code highlighting, using rich text labels here:

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