No cache header in

For adding the In-Website Edit Button we use this script tag . The src (“”) here does not have a cache header which causes a performance issue (highlighted by Google Lighthouse) as this is a static resource. Is it possible it could be added or is this intentional or are there any work arounds?

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Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for contacting us, I’m checking this with our dev team, and I will get back to ASAP.


Can you please tell us if this prevents your website to function properly?

It does not break functionality but affects performance.

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Ok Mohamed, thanks for the info, we will track this as a feature request but I can’t promise you to tacle this on priority.

I will second this feature request. Sending an additional ~118kb over the wire is definitely problematic for users with slower internet connections, let alone any bandwidth implications for prismic as a business.

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Yes I will mention this in the request, Thanks for reporting this issue.

Are there any updates on this? I’ve had comments from a client’s SEO team about this JS in Lighthouse. I agree with another poster, an additional 117 KB isn’t great.

Hi Mark,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

In fact there is a ticket in our issue tracker and it has been marked as an enhancement, I have voted it up with your comment, and once I get some updates about it I will get back to you.