Serve prismic.js gzipped

I noticed that is not being served using any compression. Can you please change this to serve it compressed. My request headers are set to accept gzip. Google Lighthouse is complaining about this, not to mention that we are wasting user's bandwidth.

Hi Team,

Thanks for the feedback.

I've passed this to devs so they can see this idea. Hopefully they'll find time to do this, I'll also find out why this wasn't done already.


Hi again,

It seems that is already gzipped. You can test this here:


OK thanks for looking into this. For some reason while running multiple lighthouse tests, sometimes it would come back complaining about prismic.js not being compressed. When analyzing the network tab I could confirm that it was not compressed. But then I tried again and it was compressed. So I'm not sure what is going on. Seems to be an intermittent issue.

Strange. Next time you see this can you take a screenshot of it in lighthouse or in the network tab so I can investigate further?


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