Nofollow hyperlinks within richtext

There is some documentation here about how to set nofollow on link documents:

However this article doesn't cover what I suspect is the main user case, which is setting nofollow on links within text objects.

I also found this community question with the same issue. The suggested solution is to add a custom label to the text object, which I have done.

I have exactly the same problem as the poster above. I've set the label on my link and have this html element

<span class="nofollow">
<a href="" target="'_blank'" rel="noopener">Example</a>

I'm using Vue and I have the html-serializer setup form the default project. The problem I have now is that I cannot access the anchor element. For example, I can access the span element like this:

if (type === Elements.span) {

But how do I access the a element? The children parameter is empty and the element parameter has nothing in I can see that would allow me to access the a element. I also cannot find a way to access the span class.

Here is my whole serializer

 * To learn more about HTML Serializer check out the Prismic documentation

import prismicDOM from 'prismic-dom'
import linkResolver from './link-resolver'

const Elements = prismicDOM.RichText.Elements

export default function (type, element, content, children) {

  if (type === Elements.heading1) {
    var id = children.toString().toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, '');
    return `<h1 id="${id}">${children}</h1>`;

  if (type === Elements.heading2) {
    var id = children.toString().toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, '');
    return `<h2 id="${id}">${children}</h2>`;

  if (type === Elements.span) {

  // Generate links to Prismic Documents as <router-link> components
  // Present by default, it is recommended to keep this
  if (type === Elements.hyperlink) {
    let result = ''
    const url = prismicDOM.Link.url(, linkResolver)

    if ( === 'Document') {
      result = `<router-link to="${url}">${content}</router-link>`
    } else {
      const target = ? `target="'${}'" rel="noopener"` : ''
      result = `<a href="${url}" ${target}>${content}</a>`
    return result

  // If the image is also a link to a Prismic Document, it will return a <router-link> component
  // Present by default, it is recommended to keep this
  if (type === Elements.image) {
    let result = `<img src="${element.url}" alt="${element.alt || ''}" copyright="${element.copyright || ''}">`

    if (element.linkTo) {
      const url = prismicDOM.Link.url(element.linkTo, linkResolver)

      if (element.linkTo.link_type === 'Document') {
        result = `<router-link to="${url}">${result}</router-link>`
      } else {
        const target = ? `target="${}" rel="noopener"` : ''
        result = `<a href="${url}" ${target}>${result}</a>`
    const wrapperClassList = [element.label || '', 'block-img']
    result = `<p class="${wrapperClassList.join(' ')}">${result}</p>`
    return result

  // Return null to stick with the default behavior for everything else
  return null

Any help available on this one? Thanks in advance...

Hello Eve,

Welcome to the Prismic Forum.

If I understood your case, you want to add rel attribute with the value nofollow (rel="nofollow") in all anchor elements presented in Richtext.
You can do it directly on the front end without adding the attribute in prismic. I have written the following sample code to satisfy this need:

// -- Function to add unique key to props
const propsWithUniqueKey = function (props, key) {
  return Object.assign(props || {}, { key });

// -- HTML Serializer
// This function will be used to change the way the HTML is loaded
export const htmlSerializer = function (type, element, content, children, key) {
  var props = {};

  switch (type) {
    // Add a class to hyperlinks
    case Elements.hyperlink:
      const targetAttr =
        ? { target: }
        : {};
      const relAttr = ? { rel: "nofollow" } : {};
      props = Object.assign(
          className: "link-class",
          href: || linkResolver(,
      return React.createElement("a", propsWithUniqueKey(props, key), children);
    // Return null to stick with the default behavior
      return null;

Here is the reference for complete HTMLseralizer:HTML Serializer with Vue.js - Prismic

Let me know if you have any doubt.



Hi, thanks for the response. My use case is that I have a blog (so there are many documents of type blog). This solution would cause all links in every blog to be "nofollow". I want to be able to choose dofollow or nofollow links on a case by case basis.

Hello Eve,

I tried to have any workaround for this use case but It's not possible with the HTML serializer.


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