Not updating after repo owner changed

Hi I just transfered ownership of my repo, but now changes only seem to update if app is redeployed to vercel. However changes do update when running on localhost. Help much appreciated.

Do you still have access to publishing and the repository's settings? maybe the new owner modified some webhooks settings. How did you used to see the changes before?

Yes I have access to everything. I transfered the repo to another mail and now it does not update content in real time. It only updates when deployed. It used to change the content on the website straight after it was changed in the Prismic repo before I transfered owners.

Transferring ownership of a repository should not affect the real-time content updates or the functionality of the API or settings. There might be a missing configuration on the front-end.

It's important to note that, if you have webhooks configured, waiting for a deployment to see the changes it's the default way of publishing on the live website, otherwise you'd need to use previews for the draft content.

Hi Pau, I did not change anything on the frontend and I am not using webhooks. I only changed ownership. Before I changed owners everything was fine and as I have said before now after the ownership changes I have to redeploy for changes in the repo to take place.

If the API is responding normally, it's likely that there have been changes made to your project configuration. I would suggest reviewing the setup to see if any modifications have been made. When making API calls, we recommend using the CDN endpoint of your repository as it caches the response and leads to faster response times. This can help optimize the performance of your application.

So I realised I was using getServerSideProps in someplaces and other places I was using getstaticProps without revalidate. After adding revalidate to the getstaticProps everything worked. When do you recomend using ssr or csr? And I did not see anything about needing revalidate in the documentation.

I am also facing this issue but i am not using getServerSideProps or getstaticProps in my nextjs project. API response is also not having the updated content.

I've responded to your message privately in Jira