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Following my issues posted on GitHub, and especially your answer custom_types are not automatically populated into · Issue #5 · prismicio-community/nuxt-sm-tutorial-series · GitHub I post a new issue about the doc here.

When we run the example with (use npm, do not use yarn currently, I've posted an issue on GitHub about this)

npm dev

We have at http://locahost:3000

Your SliceZone is empty

To start rendering components here, create a document on Prismic.
Then, update your SliceZone accordingly:

<slice-zone type="pageType" uid="pageUid" />
Create a page on Prismic!

On the tutorial, there is no such explanation. It could be very cool to explain and demonstrate how and in wish file change this in the example.

Hi Julio,

You can follow the tutorial series here:

Or check the technical documentation for making Slices here:

@Phil thanks for your answer.

I've already read this tutorial several times

I've created slices, pushed slices, created Custom Types, Document, try to publish, or see the preview.

But I don't see any explanation on the tutorial how to fix this. I must search again.

(Preview seems to be broken too, I have already checked Troubleshooting: Previews )

OK, that's clearer so you've published content, but you're still seeing an empty Slice Zone.

Are you directing to the correct UID for the published page?

Can you tell me what version of slice-machine-ui you have installed? It should be ^0.1.0-beta.1


On this official example I've checked that version of slice-machine-ui. It is correct.

Thanks your release of version 4.0.2 of prismic-cli (see your post custom_types are not automatically populated into · Issue #5 · prismicio-community/nuxt-sm-tutorial-series · GitHub), all work well (preview and page).

Maybe it was a problem with version 4.0 ?

Thanks for your help and your kindness @Phil !

So change the slice-machine-ui version worked?

If I understand well, I've not changed version of slice-machine-ui.

I've upgraded prisme-cli from version 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 .

slice-machine-ui is defined on package.json ? nuxt-sm-tutorial-series/package.json at 74c494fc341e95ce0e5d6cf067a14d1ff4455e54 · prismicio-community/nuxt-sm-tutorial-series · GitHub /

Ahhhhh ok, perfect thanks Julio :slight_smile:

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