Stuck on Build models for the dashboard

Hi all,

I just setup the nuxt js multi page starter and when I go into the prismic dashboard repo that is setup it asks me to install slice machine. I've aleady done that many times and it just won't let me passed this step.

The slice machine and local dev site run just fine. I just can't get into the page builder document section.

Hi @mikhail.karan,

Thanks for reaching out.

For me, it looks like start building your custom types locally using Slice Machine, and once you are done with that, you can push your custom types to Prismic, where this screen will change where you will be able to see your custom types and be able to create documents from those custom type.

I strongly recommend you to follow our Nuxt js Slice Machine tutoria to understand the development workflow of Slice Machine.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance,

I'm using the nuxt starter so it has a bunch of types and slices already created. I've hit push to prismic and it gave me a confirmation that it did. still stuck on build models though.

Thanks, @mikhail.karan, for the quick response, To investigate further, I would need to have your repository name to see if there are any errors from our side (you can share it in a private message if necessary).

Thanks for looking into this Fares!

I made 4 different repositories and they all had the same issue, but here is the first one


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Hey all good. You were right. I pushed my slices to prismic but my types were not pushed from the starter.

Had to go into the types separately and hit push to prismic. Then it worked. Feel free to close this.

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