Our "document" folder has been deleted during slicemachine initialization

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We're in the process of upgrading our existing Next.js app to incorporate newer methodologies, as it was initially set up before Slicemachine existed. We ran the npx @slicemachine/init@latest command and everything seemed to function correctly, but we noticed it deleted the "documents" folder in our root directory. The documentation does not clarify why this initialization would delete the said folder. Does anyone know why this happens and whether we can safely revert it? For context, the "documents" folder contains markdown files used within our application.

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It's safe for you to restore your "documents" folder. @slicemachine/init is also used to initialize a repository with a starter, when doing that, it pushes automatically the starter documents that are in a "documents" folder and then remove the "documents" folder.
It's a bug, as the init should only do that when it's related to a starter. As you don't need to re-run the init anymore, you will not have a problem after restoring your "documents" folder.


Thank you Xavier for the information

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