Page Crashes (infinite loop) while using slicemachine and editing a SELECT field

Hi there,

try running a local slicemachine inside a nextjs project and while adding/editing a select field, the page crashes.

Please fix that as it's super annoying.

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Hey @andreas.kratzel, I tried to reproduce the issue without luck. I'm using a Next project as well with Slice Machine V0.6.0. Can you share more details about your project?

Hi @Pau !

It happens randomly which makes it kinda hard to reproduce. Mostly when adding new options to the select field and then while typing the label of the new option.

My app uses v0.6.0 as well and the latest next version.

Hey there, we'd really appreciate it if you could send us a screen recording of the issue you're experiencing. This would help us understand your use case better and assist you in a more efficient manner. Thank you in advance!

Seems to have been fixed with the latest version

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