PDF documents in media library are 404ing on the front end

I added several PDF's to the media library and have linked them within the text. When publishing the page and clicking on these links, we are getting a 404. This used to work.

Our developer has noted that an “isBroken” flag has been added to the info we receive from Prismic

Is this being looked into please? I have seen another query where someone is having issues with PDF's

Many thanks

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Hey @giorgia.morris,

Could you share an example API response for one of the PDFs?


Hi @samlittlefair

An example response from the API is:

  "type": "list-item",
  "text": "Some Text",
  "spans": [
      "start": 0,
      "end": 18,
      "type": "label",
      "data": {
        "label": "Justify"
      "start": 0,
      "end": 18,
      "type": "hyperlink",
      "data": {
        "id": "Zkdrniol0Zci9PwT",
        "type": "broken_type",
        "tags": [],
        "lang": null,
        "slug": "-",
        "first_publication_date": null,
        "last_publication_date": null,
        "link_type": "Document",
        "isBroken": true

Notice that the "link_type" is "Document" despite being saved as a media item in the builder
Other items - edited beforethe bulk media update - are still saved as link_type "media"

cc: @giorgia.morris

Hi Sam, we have provided this. Are you able to assist please? cc @bjohnson

Hi @giorgia.morris , the team has fixed the issue and has deployed. Let me know if you are still encountering the issue.