Preview Edit button "Main Document" link always incorrect, crashes often


I’m using the @nuxtjs/prismic plugin for a Prismic/Nuxt site. I’ve enabled Preview on production and the /preview endpoint is working beautifully :smiley:

However, when I click the “Edit Button” (:pencil2:) on the Nuxt site the doc link for “Main Document” is always incorrect. It lists the first “linked” doc as the main.

Additionally, when I try another page, open the Edit button. The modal expands, shows a loading icon, abruptly collapses and disappears. And doesn’t reappear on refresh. :frowning:

Any thoughts?


Welcome to the community!

The incorrect main document is an open issue that we are investigating and discussing in this thread (we can continue the discussion there):

For the second issue, can you try exiting the preview with the ‘X’ button and then changing page? This should clear the preview cookie and hopefully stop the app crashing.


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Hi @Phil – For issue 2, I tried closing before changing pages but the modal still crashes on the second page and only reappeared once when I cleared the cookie via Dev Tools.

I believe this is also a recent issue since we implemented some changes for chromes samesite cookies updates, the team seems to be on top of.

This issue is being tracked here:

We will update this thread also when the fix has been deployed.

Hi @evvvritt, the Product team here has deployed the fix for the Prismic toolbar. You might need to clear your cache and reload, but then you should be able to close the preview session :slight_smile:

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