Preview not updating index views and single use items (like nav)

Hi there,

I'm getting close to wrapping up my first Prismic/Nuxt project and while it's been a bit of a learning curve, overall I'm pretty stoked with the results.

One thing that's still puzzling me though is the preview when it comes to single use items (like the sites navigation) and content not updating via a relationship field on another page.

For example, on the home page, we have a list of products. I update the summary text, save and click preview and am taking to the single layout. I then navigate back to the home page, but the summary content hasn't updated.

It works fine if I update the hero title or other fields relevant to the single layout, but not the ones used for the preview. If I output the fields that aren't relevant to the single layout in the single layout template, I can see they are updated.

Then for the menu, I navigate to the menu type, add a new menu item, click save/preview and it opens the site, goes into a bit of a loop refreshing the page constantly and after a few attempts updates the nav, but lands on a 404 page-not-found page.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? or is this maybe a bug in the new preview?

The dev site is and I put together a quick video demonstrating the issue here ->

Thanks in advance,

Hey Dave,

Welcome to the community!

I'm glad you're are enjoying using Slicemachine so far. :slight_smile:

What you're describing is a known bug with with Previewing items such as menus in Slicemachine at the moment, so it's no fault of your own. It doesn't seem to be related to the Prismic/Nuxt module, but using this module there is the possibility of a workaround using the full static mode as described in the open issue in the Slicemachine github repo:

We are investigating further at the moment and once we know more on what could be causing the issue I'll update you here.

Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.

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