Prismic Developer Spotlight: Margeir Steinar Ingólfsson

:flashlight: Today’s Prismic Developer Spotlight: Margeir Steinar Ingólfsson, who runs the Hugsmiðjan Agency in Reykjavik, Iceland.

:globe_with_meridians: When asked about a recent project:

The “project’s main challenge was to ensure consistency and brand alignment in various markets. The main technical challenge was to integrate Shopify and Prismic with multiple 3rd party services making sure the BIOEFFECT team is able to make data-driven decisions.”

:robot: On what he loves about Prismic:

“Scalability and ease of use. How quickly you can model the data and the up to date API services.”

:writing_hand: His advice for other Developers:

“Deliver fast and often. Don't wait for the perfect solution.”

:envelope_with_arrow: Want to chat with Margeir? You can find him here

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