Prismic Graphql not updating, API Browser works fine

Hi, the Graphql on my repository is not updating as it should when I add new content. Also the problem is only with graphql, Api browser is working as expected.

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Thank you for contacting us, I will try to help you on this,

Can you give us some more descriptions about the issue, what kind of content is not updating in GraphQL? if you are trying to test using GraphQL browser? if so can you open it in an incognito tab and test again?

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I’ve added new custom types on my dashboard and they are not appearing in the graphql browser (, I’ve also tried in incognito mode but I get the same results…

In fact nothing changes on my website, I use Gatsby with gatsby-source-prismic-graphql. Everything was working fine until yesterday, I always added new custom types without any problem.

My fault, didn’t read the limit of 20 results per query on the documentation:

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great, thanks for letting us know.