Prismic has encountered an error

Hi; I'm facing a strange issue with a fresh repository created today.

When I try to create a single type, I get the following error

but still the document is created.

Then when I try to access to the document, I get this error (in console):

I see from the account settings that the emails is somehow misspelled

It should be and not (there's an extra dot after dev)

Any helps here?

@Pau Please can anyone take a look at this? I'm stuck and I cannot work with this repository...

Hi Emiliano,

This looks like a bug in the new page builder. I've escalated this to our page builder team, but I think most of them are out for the holiday break, so I won't be able to get you a response until sometime next week.

In the meantime, try reverting to the legacy editor to see if that helps. (From the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.)


@samlittlefair Hi! I've managed to fix the issue from my side by updating the GitHub email and use the correct one (without the dot before @); still, I guess you could also check from your side for cases like this.