Prismic links and superglobals


I am integrating prismic in my php website. Often, the hyperlinks in the text use global php variables in the href like: < a href="<?php echo $dots?>somefile.php?<?php echo $someParamenter?>"/> . Is this possible to do inside a prismic page? Is there a work around or solution I am not aware of within prismi?


Hey Darya, thanks for reaching out!
I assume that these links connect to certain documents within your application. Link fields in Prismic help you connect URLs to external sites, media files, or other documents within your Prismic repository. To create this type of elements, you can use a custom code field in your documents:

Yes indeed! Thanks for the solution, will test it.

I tried this, but Key Text treats this: as <?php echo $dots ?>some/path.php. But I need to use php variables in my paths... Is there a workaround?

Do you mean is not alowing you to get the full code?
You should be getting a string that you'll then need to parse, like in this example:

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