Prismic Preview loading time

As a content writer, we use Prismic preview multiple times when creating and editing one piece of content. It takes between 50-60 seconds for Preview to load each time. Is this normal? We work from home, our laptops are managed by our organisation and we connect to the organisations network. Thanks

Hey @dawn.bird thanks for sharing your use case with the community.

Delays in preview sessions can happen for a number of reasons. It can be your connection, the technology with which your project is built, and the way the calls to the preview sessions are handled.

For example, preview mode in Next.js doesn't automatically reload the new documents you're trying to preview. This means that when you make and save a change in your Prismic documents after launching the new changes will not appear and you need to click the preview button again to see the updated content.

What technology do you use in your project?

Good morning Pau

Thank you for your response.

I’ve spoken to our developers, and the framework is Laravel, the language is php 7.3 (soon to move to 7.4). Does that help?



You can run a test in your project. While running a preview session, inspect the page and check the network tab to see which requests are talking too long.

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