Prismic Previews x Browser Stack

We're trying to implement more feature branches before releasing into production, and while testing with a regular browser is fine, when running via BrowserStack we don't get to see pages render. Is this a known issue, or is there a workaround?

Hey there @kevin.reevers, thanks for reaching out.

From what I see on the internet. Browserstack is a tool to run tests for your project or application on various devices and applications.

Since it is a third-party tool, there is no direct link to your Prismi'c API.

The reason why the data is not being rendered on your site may be related to your project settings. Do you have access to the code of your project?

Yes. Adding their response as the solution

From BrowserStack:

I understand that your use case involves disabling the Prevent Cross-site Tracking option on iPhones. I would want to share that the remote devices on BrowserStack are made available for testing in factory conditions (Default settings). By default, the 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' is enabled on all iOS devices, owing to which the same is enabled on the remote iOS devices in BrowserStack 'Live' as well.

However, should you wish to disable the prevention of cross-site tracking (i.e., allow cross-site tracking), you would be unable to do the same as access to the 'Settings' application is restricted across all our iOS devices due to security reasons.

Thus you witness the 'Settings' app close/crashes automatically upon launch.

I'm afraid there is no workaround at this moment that can be followed to enable this setting on the remote iOS devices. Though Automate has this flexibility, this option cannot be extended to LIVE by using additional parameters.

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