Preview mode doesn't load in Safari


I was trying to test using preview mode in Safari and for some reason the preview mode doesn’t even load. In previous version of Safari and all other major browsers it works, but not with the latest:
OS: Catalina version 10.15.5
Safari: version 13.1.1

Is there something extra that needs to be implemented in order to make it work with the latest version?

Search for ‘Are your previews not working in Safari?’ in this document:

If your previews are working everywhere, but not in Safari, then the issue is an easy fix. Safari released an update that blocks cross-site cookies. Our preview system uses these cross site cookies to build the previews on top of your web app, so you will need access your Safari preferences > navigate to the privacy tab > deselect ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’.

Once you’ve done this your previews should work in your browser.

Does that help?

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Yes it did help!
Thank you very much. I guess I missed that doc

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