Unable to preview on new iOS devices (cookie not setting)

We need test a new navigation IA with users before going live. We have generated a new public sharing preview link for this purpose.

The preview link works on desktop browsers, android devices and older iOS devices, however the preview does not work on current iOS devices. The cookie does not set, and the user does not see the new content (only the live content). This is the case in both Safari and Chrome browsers.

Based on this post we thought this may be due to new iOS cookie polices.

Our test users have allowed all cookies in their device settings following the instructions in this article.

However, our users are still unable to preview unpublished content on current iPhones. This is preventing us from user testing the mobile experience before going live.

Can you please assist?

Any response to this ticket? Not being able to view previews on iOS devices is causing delays to our project launch.

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

I will try to investigate this issue and it could be beneficial if you could share your repository name and link to the document you, are trying to preview with me (in a private message if necessary ).

Also could help a lot if you can give me read access to your repository to try to reproduce the issue on an IOS, and I will share my Prismic account email privately.