Prismic-reactjs vs. @prismicio/react

Searched the forums here but can't seem to find an answer. The docs for each of these aren't explicitly telling me anything either. Generally, what is the difference between the prismic-reactjs and @prismicio/react packages on npm?

It feels like the latter is a successor to the former however Slicemachine on my greenfield Next.js app is making slices with import { RichText } from 'prismic-reactjs' and I don't even have that package installed. At first I thought it was broken and so I have been converting them to use import { PrismicRichText } from 'prismic-reactjs' instead. Now I am wondering if I am doing it wrong. Adding to the confusion, the prismic-reactjs documentation doesn't even talk about slices or slicemachine.

prismic-reactjs is mostly deprecated and is now mostly in use for old websites. If you are using slice machine, I'd suggest you to use @prismicio/react.

The slicemachine template is probably an old template and I believe it's been updated in more recent versions

If you start a new Next.js app today and init slicemachine it calls RichText and prismic-reactjs. Thank you for confirming direction Kris.