Sm-commons and next-slicezone packages

Can you clear my mind on these 2 packages. I've been wanting to update them for a while now, but I postponed every time because I just don't understand and it's not no clear to me.

Are they the same and should I removed one ? My renovate show me the same Releases notes and I can't find a clear changelog which is a bit annoying


Hello Romain,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

sm-commons: it’s a small package full of helpers for the Slice Machine packages.
It is mainly used in old/deprecated packages of SM (next-slicezone, nuxt-sm, ...). You don't need to install it with new dependencies.

next-slicezone: This package is deprecated. Its functionality has been redistributed to other packages. Find more detail in next-slicezone technical reference.

We are recommending to remove these dependencies and migrate your Next.js project to new dependencies. We have a @prismicio/client, @prismic-react @prismicio/helpers migration guide. On top of that we have a recently updated nextjs documentation using the latest packages.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Hello Priyanka,
Thanks for your answer I'll take a look on these guides and come back to you if needed :slight_smile:

Just to know, since which slicemachine version these packages are deprecated. We are still in 0.1.2 but I'll start the update soon.

Your welcome, @myrob.
You should install the latest version of the slice-machine ui; the above packages are deprecated with the latest version. Find more detail here: