Next.js slicemachine incompatible with Prismic react v2 and client v6

Hi, I am going to start a new project and would like to use Next.js with Prismic. I like the slicemachine, but I see it's still has to be used with outdated versions of Prismic react and client libs, plus Typesctipt is not well supported.
When can we expect the new docs for Next.js development with Prismic?

Any update?

Hello @s.zharkov97

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for reaching out to us.

The Next.js+SM uses an older version for the moment, but we are in the process of releasing new updates of Next+SM with the latest kit soon. Until then we have migration guides for prismicio/react and prismicio/client v6 if you wish to migrate your project to the latest version.

Let me know if have any further questions.