Prismic status notifications to slack

Hi, I'm aware of the status page but I'd like to build a slack integration that alerts our engineers of any Prismic issues. I've explored the idea of RSS feeds and using Pingdom (as does Prismic) to create this notification service. But, it seems that Prismic doesn't expose an RSS feed and the endpoints used to create the status page aren't documented anywhere. This means that I can't build a Pingdom pipeline as I don't have the URLs for the 'Public Website', 'Content Query API', 'Media Delivery Network' or 'Dashboard and Writing room'. Any help would be appreciated and I'm also open to new suggestions!

Hello @qyoung, Prismic doesn't currently have an API to track open issues. I'll create a feature request for future improvements.

Hi Pau, I'm not looking for an API to track issues. The endpoints that are queries to produce the status page would be enough for us to create our own pingdom setup which sends alerts to our slack channels. Do you have a list of these endpoints? -- URLs for the 'Public Website', 'Content Query API', 'Media Delivery Network' and 'Dashboard and Writing room'

Hey @qyoung, These queries are not in the public domain. They are for internal use by the development team.