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I have access to 2 repositories in my environment, Develop and Staging. However, on my main dashboard (when I first log in to Prismic), only the Develop repo appears. This is the same case for CMS users as well. How do I change it so that both repos appear on the dashboard for myself and other users?

Hi @ashwin.sundar

Thanks for reaching out.

To investigate this, can you please share your repositories' names with us (in a private message if necessary)?

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HI Fares, I sent over the repo name in a message several days ago. Have you had a chance to look into this problem yet?

Hi, @ashwin.sundar,
I apologize for the delay, I have recieved the private message, and I'm currently investigating, and I will let you know of the conclusion as soon as possible.

Hey, @ashwin.sundar.

It is impossible to view the Staging environment on the dashboard because it is linked to the main repository. They function as a single entity.

I see, thanks. I've submitted a request for this feature -> Configure environment that CMS user lands on when first logging in

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That's perfect. Thanks sharing your feedback @ashwin.sundar