Proxy(object) when previewing Gatsby v6

There is an outstanding bug on the Gatsby Prismic v6 repo.

Whenever I'm previewing a document and trying to access a link field, the field returns Proxy(Object), rather than the URL.
This means when people are previewing changes to links they aren't showing.

more information can be found at:

I know Prismic said they are dropping support for Gatbsy but you also said you would fix bugs for the first 2 months. This issue/bug has been open for about 3 weeks. I wonder if there is any chance it can be fixed?

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Hi @thejuniperstudio,

Thanks for reaching out about this. I've reached out to the DevX team here at Prismic about this. Someone will let you know when we get an answer from them.

Hey @thejuniperstudio,

The Proxy object is necessary to support the document property in content relationships. The field's data is still accessible and can even be inspected in Chrome's DevTools.

I posted more details in that GitHub thread here: Can't access data inside link fields when in a preview session · Issue #541 · prismicio/prismic-gatsby · GitHub

Let me know if you have any questions about it! :slight_smile: