Publishing to websites behind a load blanacer


Are there any guidelines to publishing a site behind load balancer. Our configuration consists of three servers that sit behind two load balancers (one DMZ - public facing, one extranet - 3 web servers)

There seems to be a period of time before new content is updated on all of the servers.

We use webhooks (with all triggers set). Does the webhook do a "one and done" update after the first 200 response, or does it continuously try until all sites are updated.

For this site our load balancers do not use "sticky sessions", meaning that inbound requests are not bound to a specific server in the load balanced farm based on the source IP address, use use round robin algorithm.

Also, it would be helpful if there is a document that indicates how a webhook works. This document would outline the process flow from when the trigger starts to completion. I could not locate anything like on your site.

thx in advance.


Hi Mark,

Welcome to the community!

I was getting some information about our webhooks from the devs for you and this is what I've got so far:

Our webhooks are not blocking, they are sent independently.

What you should do is accept the data from the webhook request, and then place that data into a queue or a database or something similar, then process that data from the webhooks asynchronously in order to have all the system up to date.

Here's some documentation about the shape of our webhooks also:


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