Purging deleted images from imgix cache

How do I go about purging images from imgix cache?

Hi, @headout,

Thanks for reaching out.

I'm checking with our dev team for any solutions and will get back to you ASAP.



I've got some updates from our DevOps team,

Currently, it is a manual procedure where you need to give us the list of images URLs to purge from Imgix as well as other cache and I will create a ticket to make the change.

Here's the list:

  1. https://images.prismic.io/mystique/d9fd84b0-cff7-421a-af60-690b4c1dc3fc_eaeefed3-c87b-4531-82c0-0089dc8d11ec-7324-barcelona-sagrada-familia-skyline-day-01.jpg
  2. https://images.prismic.io/mystique%2F6e9c09f3-8198-4815-b5f8-02a339fd3a09_eaeefed3-c87b-4531-82c0-0089dc8d11ec-7324-barcelona-sagrada-familia-skyline-day-01.jpg
  3. https://images.prismic.io/mystique/062a9e2c-a4cd-476e-a3c1-4fdb2caf391b_underwater-world-langkawi1.jpg

Could you please let me know how long it will take for this to be resolved? It kind of urgent from our end

Hi @headout,

We have cleared the cache of those images.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance,

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@Fares Thank you for the quick response. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

@Fares My bad. I missed one image, please purge this one as well


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I have requested this one as well.

Well the last image is one of the 3 images you gave initially


Thanks again. :raised_back_of_hand:

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