Repeatable zone content visibility

A recent update has adjusted group visibility.

Whereas repeatable zone content used to be fully visible, Prismic now collapses grouped items by default, and only allows one item at a time to be open. This causes usability issues with large groups of referenced content, where the user is faced with a wall of expandable pieces labeled '# • Item', instead of being given any sort of context pertaining to the referenced items within. To clarify:

Old setup: Repeatable zone fully expanded.
Current solution: Repeatable zone automatically collapsed, with only one item expandable at a time when clicked.
Potential alternate solution: Repeatable zone items expandable when clicked, with the ability to open multiple items at once if needed. At the top of the group, the entire group can be expanded/closed at once.

Thought I'd provide this alternate solution, as this latest update really does make large groups of referenced conent difficult to manage from a content perspective. Alternately, pulling the title of references and displaying them instead of just showing 'Item' might improve this issue as well.


The inability to only see one item at a time now makes it nearly impossible to create and edit our content. Please allow more than one item to be expanded at a time!


This feature was launched way too early.

Other CMSs have a similar collapsed option, but they allow you to select which field to use as a preview, eg the preview will be the name field instead of "Item 1", "Item 2".

In the current state, it's really hard to use and will need to fallback to the legacy editor.

I can't even do Command + F to find a specific text...


Dear team,

I echo the sentiment in this thread. Please make this option either a toggle or allow the expansion of multiple items. For the latter case, please implement an “expand all” and “collapse all” button. This update severely hinders my work.

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I'm also frustrated by this breaking change as I can't open or close any of the different drop-downs. The only visible item is 'Item1' -the rest of the drop-downs/accordions seem to be 'locked' closed. The leftmost arrow that would sensibly operate this accordion component seems to be disabled. To view the content in an item I have to move it to position 1- this is broken.
Any updates on a fix would be much appreciated!!

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Thank you all for your insights. We looked at all of them and we're working on our next release that should improve how repeatable elements are displayed. In the meantime, as we also noticed some unexpected issues like the one above, we will rollback to the previous version until we come up with a polished solution.


implementing redirect custom type to generate the redirection in next.js
problem: - we have multiple redirection links. We cannot find or search the exact URL in the Prismic backend because of all the content shown as an accordion.
only one accordion is open at a time, so we can not find the text in it.
any idea about this so we can easily find the exact links

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Hi there,

Thanks all for your messages. I'm writing here to say that we just rolled back to our previous version of the Group items and repeatable zone until we come up with a solution that solves your different issues.

Thanks again for sharing the use cases you shared.