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not sure if this is the right channel, but is there any way — and if not I guess it would be a great feature — to have a template repository?

When starting I always copy paste the same settings, basic uid, page titles, global seo / meta fields, … and it would be great to have some kind of default repository.

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Hello @christian, we have a feature called Themes that allows you to launch a new project and create a new Prismic repository that is automatically filled with your defined Custom Types. I think it might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Take a look and read more about it here:


Thank you Levi, exactly what I was looking for.

That’s why I love Prismic :wink:

Happy to help! :grinning:

I didn’t know about this! Looks really great! Is there a way to sync to existing repos?

I am trying to push to an existing Prismic and I have a custom_types and a prismic-configuration.js. The Git repo is private and I am using a branch. I have added the correct endpoint There’s only page custom type in the repo in the repo, but when I run the CLI my configuration is incorrect:

prismic theme --conf ./prismic-configuration.js
? URL of your theme (zip/github):
We are checking the theme integrity
Invalid theme provided, check your zip file.

Edit: Forked the project repo, made it public and used the prismic theme and it seemed to work, except didn’t make any custom types in the Prismic repo. :frowning_face:

@jjames.home Yeah as you’ve discovered, the Github repository needs to be public in order for the Prismic CLI to use it.

And unfortunately it doesn’t work to update existing repositories, only to launch new ones. But I will let the @features-team know about this and they can consider this as a possible improvement for the future.

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I knew that you were still thinking about updating existing repositories. I admit I have requested it elsewhere a week ago or so.

I think for now I can have a basic nuxtjs repo and put it in a public repo. At least it is better than going through the UI for every single client.

This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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