Request: Nested Slices

Hi there!
I'm currently evaluating if Prismic is a possible candidate for our Website.
One key feature that I didn't find is the ability to nest slices in other slices.

An example would be an Accordion:
For this I want to have repeatable accordion items. The item would consist of a title and a slice area were it is possible to include slices that should be shown in the specified accordeon tab.

  • Accordion
    • Item 1
      • Slice Text
      • Slice Full-Width Image
      • Slice Video-Embed
      • ...
    • Item 2
      • Slice Text
      • ...

Is this possible with Prismic? Thanks for an answer!

Hey @christian.reichart, thanks for reaching out.
You can create a one-to-many relationship by adding a Content Relationship field inside of a Group field in your Custom Types to allow editors to add multiple links within one document.

Then, when doing your queries, use GraphQuery syntax to retrieve linked document data from the Linked documents.

Unfortunately this is not the solution I'm looking for. I don't want to create a document just for an Accordion, this would lead to a very bad editing experience.

Thank you anyways!