Rich Text Keybinding and shortcuts

Does anyone have a cheat sheet or something like this with the controls for writing in the WYSIWYG editor? This is supposed to be the barebone of content writing and the team didn't even make documentation about it.

AFAIK I have the following shortcuts: (CTRL for windows, CMD for macOS)

  • CMD+B = Bold
  • CMD+I = Italic
  • CMD+K = Link to something


Hey @codingspark,

Thanks for this question! It's a good one, and you're right — this should be included in the documentation. I've checked with the product team to confirm the keyboard shortcuts, and I'll let you know what I find out :slight_smile:


Hello sam, do you have any news about it? Can you keep me in touch :slight_smile: thanks

Hey @codingspark,

Thanks for checking in. I haven't heard back yet, so I just sent a follow-up. I'll follow up again in a couple of days.


7 days later maybe you could give me some insight @samlittlefair ? :slight_smile: Hope so :wink:

Thanks for checking in, @codingspark! I haven't heard back yet, but I sent a follow-up :slight_smile:

Hey @codingspark,

Unfortunately, I don't have a satisfying answer. The dev team was able to confirm for me these shortcuts:

  • n in the document list to create a new doc
  • esc to close some panels
  • cmd-s in the doc editor to save it.
  • cmd-k to insert a link
  • cmd-b for bold
  • cmd-i for italics

I hope that helps :slight_smile: