Search in the writing room has become case sensitive

Not sure if this is a bug or it's an intentional change, but over the last couple of days I noticed that Search for types, collections, documents, etc has become case sensitive. This has become extremely difficult to find anything in my repository.

Can you please revert/fix this?


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Hey @kris ,

I'm not seeing this behavior. Can you let me know your repo, so I can look into it?


@samlittlefair - I agree with @kris, that the Search by Type is now case-sensitive when searching which is very annoying.

Hey @kris and @jeremy.tripp ,

I've looked into this again, and I can now see that it looks like it might be an issue related to our launch of bulk actions. I've submitted a ticket and flagged this directly with the team. I'll let you know what happens next :slight_smile:

Thanks again for flagging this!


@kris @jeremy.tripp , I've been told that a fix for this issue is already waiting to be deployed. You should see it soon :slight_smile:


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Also I have a few others I need to bring up as well. Shall I post those on the forum too? First time Iā€™m submitting questions like this. Was used to the old way via chat.

@jeremy.tripp Yes, please post them :slight_smile: Make a separate thread for each issue / comment / question / suggestion.

Added about 4 and hope I submitted them correctly?
I do not do the programming, but deal with the UI/UX and adding /creating banners, etc for the last 2 years.
I tried to see if these were repeated,

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