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Hi all, we recently migrated to prismic all of our posts and we want to know that if we have a way to create different authors in order to select an author for each post. Is there any way? If there isn't with the free plan, is there any relation with the user and the author (for example: if we have a paid plan with 3 users we can have 3 authors).

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When you say authors, do you mean the Prismic account user or do you mean the person who originally wrote the blog post content?

If it’s the latter, then I would say you should create an Author custom type. In your blog post, you would then have a content relationship field that accesses the Author type. Now whomever is entering the blog post into Prismic can then select the appropriate author (after you’ve created Author entries).

Does that help at all?

Yes! That helps because I mean the person who originally wrote the blog post content. However, although we know where the Author selector is, we don't know how to create the Author entries in order to select the authors when we're posting the blog post content. Could you let me know how to create the entries, please?

Can you tell us a bit more about your stack? Are you developing a NextJS site? Svelte? Nuxt?

Either way, create a custom type called Author (make it reusable - not single). Add the fields you think you will need like maybe first name and last name etc. Push those to your prismic repo. Then in Prismic add your authors. Back in slicemachine, add the content relationship in the blog post to this author custom type. Push those changes to your Prismic repo. Now when you publish a post, you’ll have authors you can select.

My team is going to check if they can make it that way. They already got how to do it the way you explained it to us. The question now is, if we cannot do it and we pay a plan with 3 users, does it solve this problem of posting content with different authors and not just one for all of them?

Hi again,

I’m not 100% sure what the plan level has to do with the authors. However, I’m certain this can be figured out. Perhaps you don’t need three users. If you have 3 people on your team who would be logging into Prismic to create/edit content, then the starter plan makes sense.

Thanks a lot.

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