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I have a website with a lot of content and we invest a lot on SEO. Currently we write our articles directly in code, however, we are now preparing to integrate prismic for that part of the website.

Considering that we have a lot of articles each with a different SEO title and description, it is sometimes useful to have an overview of all the titles and descriptions from all the articles, for moments when we need to make a change to them. Now we have a php file where all of them are listed. When we integrate prismic, does it have a solution for viewing all the SEO titles and descriptions at once?


Hello Darya,

Thanks for posting this question to us.

This functionality isn't possible in the Prismic. But I understand how it can be useful to overview all the titles and descriptions from all the articles in one place. I am going to add this as a feature request for future improvements.

There can be a workaround to do this via the API. For example, one of my team member set up a Custom function in Google sheets to get document titles from Prismic. You can try to do this with SEO titles and descriptions.

I hope it works well for you.



Priyanka Hi! Thank you very much! I indeed can have an overview of all the titles! Do you know if it's possible to make a function in such a way that changing the title in google sheets also changes it in prismic?

Hello Darya, This isn't possible in the Prismic documents screen

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